JavaScript/React engineer gig for tablet-based productivity tool

Telecommute · United States


We need your JS /HTML/CSS superpowers to develop a pinboard-meets-notes-meets-file-browser ChromeOS app running on the Google Pixelbook. You’ll be writing code in TypeScript using React and WebAssembly.

About us

Ink & Switch is an industrial research lab for digital tools. We run experiments in domains such as science notebooks, end-user programming, digital drawing, and team collaboration.

Our team is all-remote. We’re highly collaborative and optimize for learning.

About the project

In this project we will build a tool that helps creators manage their personal archive of input and inspiration, and supports them in organizing their thoughts and forming connections. It’s a Javascript/ChromeOS/Pixelbook version of this iPad prototype and using peer-to-peer storage and collaboration technology from this Electron prototype. Our "studio for ideas meets next-generation file manager" draws inspiration from Evernote, Google Docs, Pinterest, and Milanote. It will target the Google Pixelbook with the stylus (that's right, no testing for different devices and screen sizes for this one!) and store assets (images, PDFs, etc) in our magic persistence layer, a p2p-driven storage and syncing engine that you’ll integrate together with other engineers in the lab. This project will definitely be different from your average gig.

The lab consists of 8 people in total. Your subteam will be four people: a designer, a project lead (and part-time engineer), another part-time engineer and a lead engineer (that's you).


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