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We're seeking a web designer for a short gig to create a new site for our research lab. It's not going to be yet another Medium blog :)

About us

Ink & Switch is an industrial research lab for digital tools. We run experiments in domains such as science notebooks, end-user programming, digital drawing, and team collaboration.

Until now we've been in learning mode, only publishing a few things (some examples). Now we're ready to share more results — that's where you come in.

About the project

The core of this project is designing the lab's new site in HTML and CSS. The site will be minimal and focused: a home/about page, a series of articles, and eventually video content.

This work will include designing e.g. the information architecture, page layouts, and typography, all responsive to different devices. You'll also work with authors at the lab to design patterns for our multimedia articles to best take advantage of the web (with inline images, vector graphics, videos, linked footnotes, etc.)

The site will be published to S3 or a similar static file hosting setup, so we won't need to worry much about toolchains or CMSs for this project.

We're dissatisfied with the state of off-the-shelf web tools (Medium, Wordpress) and want to work with a designer with ambitions to push towards something that works better for readers: more elegant designs, faster load times, and more information density.


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